6 Tips for Hiring an HVAC Duct Cleaning Services

Perhaps you’ve decided to get your home’s ducts cleaned. What exactly is the best way to choose to hire an HVAC cleaner for your ducts? Here are six tips on what you must be aware of prior to hiring cleaning services.

  1. Be wary of businesses that claim you need to clean your ducts regularly. Numerous experts such as those from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advise that you only clean your ducts when needed. Although you might prefer to maintain your home’s ducts regularly, you should be wary of any company who tries claim that they have to get your ducts cleaned each annually or once every 6 months.
  2. Find out which cleaning technique the company employs. A majority of cleaning services employ the vacuum method to eliminate dirt as well as mold and other the rest of the debris that is in your HVAC. Sometimes an company might also suggest using antimicrobial substances to cleanse your ducts. In general, there’s no need to utilize these chemical cleaners unless there is evidence of bacterial or mold development in your ducts. If you choose to allow the use of antimicrobial cleaners inĀ air filters cleaning your ductworksystem, make sure that the product has been authorized by the EPA to be used for HVAC units.
  3. Make an agreement in writing. Maybe you’ve seen an ad for a $99 house cleaning duct or a similar offer. It sounds like a fantastic deal, but just like other amazing deals, it’s likely too amazing to be true. Advertising and sales tricks may not include the costs of additional services and add-ons, for instance. Before you engage an HVAC duct cleaning company ensure that you have a signed contract that clearly states the services that will be offered and the price.
  4. Verify references. Ask neighbors, friends, and family members to recommend reliable cleaning services. It is also possible to contact organizations such as the Better Business Bureau or your city’s or state’s Department of Consumer Affairs to determine if there have been any complaints hrv cleaning against the company.
  5. Find out about professional education and certifications. However, not all company who performs duct cleaning employs well-trained, professional employees. If you employ a non-qualified company, they might fail to properly cleanse your air ducts. They may even harm the heating and cooling of your home and the system. Choose cleaning services which are part of the National Duct Cleaners Association and which have employees who have been certified as Air Systems Cleaning Specialists.
  6. Find out if the company is insured and licensed. In certain states, cleaning firms must be licensed. If you find that a company doesn’t have the proper license beware of doing deal with them. Also, make sure that the company is insured to the required level.